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Carpet Cleaning Methods

Carpet cleaning

Carpet Cleaning Methods

Carpet cleaning is done mainly to remove dirt, stains, and allergens in carpets so that the house or building is livable. Common techniques used include dry cleaning, hot water extraction, steam cleaning, and carpet shampooing. Dry cleaning involves using a machine to absorb water from wet or waxy stains and then vacuum the residue away. Hot water extraction uses warm water along with a detergent solution to clean stains, grease, and dirt. Carpet shampooing is a method that regularly removes dust and grime, but may not be as effective in removing stains on plush carpets or in high traffic areas.

Encapsulation is a highly effective carpet cleaning process. It involves spraying a carpet cleaner liquid onto the carpet, leaving it to sit for a few minutes, then vacuuming the residue away. Encapsulation is more effective than spot cleaning because it does not use chemicals to clean the carpet, only the liquid. However, spot cleaners are preferred because they offer better results. Spot cleaners work by applying a liquid cleanser onto the stain, working it into the carpet by scratching the surface, then vacuuming the residue away.

Steam cleaning and carpet shampooing both employ the high heat of water combined with cleaning solutions. Steam cleaning involves raising the temperature of water inside a container to at least one hundred and fifty degrees Fahrenheit and working it through carpets using a steamer or a brush. Carpet shampooing involves spreading a lubricant lubricated foam over the carpet and working it into the fibres of the carpet using a special brush. Both carpet cleaners are equally effective, although steam cleaning is said to be better for deeply stained or fuzzy carpets, as it works better with wool carpets.

Vacuum extractors have been developed to help people carry out carpet cleaning on their own, saving them the expense of hiring professional cleaners. Vacuum cleaners remove particles of soil from fibres as small as microns, even dirt that’s stuck between the fibres of a carpet. They can be used on both carpets and rugs. Some vacuum cleaners are even attached to a trolley so you can carry it around your home. A vacuum cleaner is particularly useful if you have children or pets, since it allows you to clean up messes without having to pick up and carry it.

High-end and expensive commercial carpet cleaning machines are available. The best cleaners are those that use hot water extraction cleaning methods. These techniques use a combination of heat and water to loosen deep-seated soil and dirt. Hot water extraction cleaning methods can be used on plush fabrics such as duvets and luxury towels, whilst the cold water method is often used to clean most non-fancy fabrics. For extremely dirty carpets, steam or hot water extraction cleaning will usually be the best option.

The most effective carpet shampooing machine for most people is the one that uses foam encapsulation technology. Foam encapsulation technology means the cleaning solution is actually heavier than the particles that are being removed, so the carpet shampooer can’t hold onto the soil particles and grime and they get carried away into the air. The foam then works with the carpet to lift the dirt and grime and remove it from the carpet fibre. The foam will also work to dampen any remaining residue left behind, meaning that after the cleaning is complete, there is very little residue left behind in the carpet. This means that a carpet shampooer can work very quickly to get rid of most dirt and grime.