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How to Properly Clean Your Area Rugs

Although most people think of commercial cleaner products when they think of rug cleaning, there are many simple home methods that can be just as effective. Baking soda is usually an excellent, cheap area rug cleaning solution, as long as it is combined with a little baking soda mixed into a rug shampoo. However, the best way to thoroughly clean area rugs safely and effectively is to depend on a professional carpet cleaning company near you rather than trying to tackle the job on your own. This way, you can rest assured that the job will be done professionally and properly, so that you can continue enjoying your rug in the years to come.

If you have pets or children in the house, then you know just how much dirt, dust, and hair accumulates on the rug. A vacuuming and spot cleaning routine are not enough; you also need to protect your rugs from everyday wear and tear. One of the best rug cleaning methods for this purpose involves using a hairbrush with extremely soft bristles. Using a brush with very small bristles, gently sweep the rug from base to tip, taking care not to pull or bruise the delicate fibers. Next, use a damp sponge or rag to apply an even layer of shampoo onto the carpet, making sure to pay special attention to any frayed or damaged areas. Lastly, thoroughly rinse the entire rug under running water.

These days, most area rug cleaning solutions include at least one form of heat protection, as well. Many people choose to rub a warm neutralizing shampoo on their rugs after the initial cleaning has been done, as this allows them to avoid having to resort to spot cleaning on subsequent runs. This will help you avoid having to remove dirt and debris from delicate fibers with more intense chemicals.

The proper cleaning procedures for your area rugs will vary depending on how often they are used and the overall condition of them. If you live in an area that experiences high levels of humidity, then you should be extra careful in how you go about cleaning. It’s critical to thoroughly rinse each piece before moving on to the next, to ensure that no soap residue remains. This is especially true if you have chosen to use a hot water extraction method for spot cleaning.

When choosing an area rug cleaning facility, it’s important that you do your research ahead of time. Make sure that you are dealing with a company that offers a good guarantee, as well as one that uses clean equipment. You can also find out what kinds of chemicals are used in their cleaning process, as well as whether or not they use pet odor removal products. In terms of pet urine removal, you may also want to ask them if they use a steam cleaner specifically designed for use with rugs. These are designed specifically to remove pet urine and other contaminants from rugs without the use of chemicals. Steam cleaners can be particularly useful for areas where regular detergents may be too harsh on your skin, and they are available at most major home improvement stores.

If you have a high traffic area rug cleaning company in your area, ask them about their drying and storing options. Do they offer drying racks, or can you tape off the area? How are their storage options? Often, the best results come when area rug cleaners can provide their customers with as many different types of services as possible. Ask them if they offer steam cleaning, and what kind of protective covering they recommend for the area rugs they clean. With the right knowledge, you can rest easy knowing that your rugs will always look their best.