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How to Take Care of Area Rug Cleaning and Vacuum Cleaners

Do you know how to spot a good rug cleaning service? Here are some simple tips that can help you decide on the best company. First, be sure to find out what type of carpeting is being cleaned. Ask if the area rug will be cleaned on a regular basis, such as at the end of a hard days work or right before someone decides to go to bed. If you buy a cheap rug then it may not get cleaned as often and you will just be wasting your money.

Area rug cleaning

The method of carpet cleaning depends on the kind of material being used. Hot water extraction is the most common method today and it removes dirt, mold, allergens and debris from your carpet without exposing it to chemicals. The hot water is pumped up through a special tank that contains chemicals and heaters. As the water evaporates, it leaves behind soil, dead skin cells and mildew. In order to prevent mold from growing on your area rugs you should get this process done regularly.

Steam cleaning is another option for area rug cleaning. It uses very hot water and contains detergents that help remove dirt, mold, dust mites, pet dander and pollen. However, there are still some problems that arise from this process. High temperatures damage fabrics and they cannot dry quickly enough and become stained, while high heat poses a fire hazard.

Color Bleeding When people spill something on their rugs, especially when it is a spill over the stain and not the fabric, color bleeding is inevitable. This happens when liquid seeps into the fibers of the carpet. If you have pets in your house, then you should take care that they do not go near the area rug cleaning machines as pets are known to dig up stains and cause color bleeding.

Area Rug Cleaning Machines Vacuum the rugs: You can also make use of a vacuum to remove dirt and debris from your rugs. However, it is important to clean the rugs first before you use the vacuum machine on them. After you vacuum the rugs you should follow up with vacuuming the entire floor and then vacuuming the vacuum cleaner bag. Do not leave the vacuum machine for any period of time unattended. This might lead to the machine getting overheated and cause the area rug cleaning machine to break down.

Area Rug Cleaning Machine Maintenance You should keep the area rug cleaning machine in good working condition by using it properly and maintaining the parts. Check the batteries in the machine-made rugs periodically. Replace the bulbs if defective. You should also clean the brushes of the cleaning machine-made rugs to ensure that they are working properly. If you do not clean the brushes often, then the bristles will wear out sooner than you would expect and the cleaning process would become very tedious.