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The Basics of Area Rug Cleaning

If you have an expensive rug that is a home staple in your home or in your office, it’s important to keep it in good condition by keeping it clean with regular carpet cleaning services. There are many reasons why an area rug can become dirty over time such as being trodden on or left in a poorly maintained room.

Area rug cleaning

Area Rugs – Most area rugs are hard and dense, making them very difficult to properly clean with traditional steam cleaning methods. In order to properly clean an area rug properly, use strong detergents and steam cleaners with bleach to get dirt and dust off the rug and clean the surface thoroughly. Vacuuming often will help keep the carpet looking fresh. Keep your area rug on a soft material so that you don’t scratch the fibers of the rug.

Carpets – Another way to maintain a clean area rug is to regularly vacuum your carpet. By vacuuming regularly, you will keep any dirt or dust from building up and clogging the fibers of your carpet. If you do find some areas that are more stubborn and need to be dealt with more carefully, it’s a good idea to get professional help. You could end up damaging the fibers of the carpet and even the carpet pad.

Area Rug Cleaning Services – If you find that your rug isn’t being cleaned up correctly, there are several things you can do in order to get it clean again. One thing you can do is try using a detergent with a water base like dish washing liquid, bleach or dishwashing soap.

These types of cleaners are safe and will not harm the fibers of your area rug. If you want to keep from getting a spotty carpet, you can also try shampooing it instead of shampooing the whole rug.

Keep your area rug clean and it will last you a lifetime. Whether you have an expensive one or a plain carpet, keeping it clean is essential to maintaining a healthy home.

Before you begin any rug cleaning task, first make sure the rug is dry and the stains are completely removed. Vacuum up all the loose soil, then use a mild detergent or bleach on the rug. Let the rug to dry, then shampoo the rug again with a mild detergent or stain removal product.

It’s also important to know exactly how much stain remover you’re using because too much can actually discolor the fabric. Some cleaners will cause the rug to fade, while others can leave it looking blotchy.

Use only a rag, sponge, or towel to clean your rug. You can also use a vacuum cleaner to gently remove the dust and residue from your rug. Use a small brush to rub the rug in a circular motion. This helps to loosen up the dirt, dust and debris so that you can begin the task of cleaning it properly.