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Upholstery Cleaning – Tips For Caring For Upholstery

Upholstery cleaning is not a difficult task if you know the right techniques to do it. To clean the bed covers or the upholstery takes little time but when it comes to removing the stains it is a lot harder.

A serious case of upholstery cleaning requires a professional and should be done with the help of an expert. Otherwise, you will have to employ your own upholstery cleaning methods that may not work very well. Below are some simple tips to follow when you are doing your own upholstery cleaning.

First, clean your vacuum bag frequently. Vacuum bag is the most important piece of equipment in cleaning upholstery. Its important to find a good vacuum cleaner for cleaning the upholstery. You can find a variety of types of vacuums and bags online. The type you choose depends on the design of your upholstery.

Quality vacuum cleaner with suction power is required. Your upholstery deserves only the best. It is important to clean the bags regularly for your vacuum. If you need to empty the vacuum, you can do it with an upholstery cleaning device that will easily empty the vacuum bag.

Second, use a detergent that contains some amount of laundry soap. You can also use lukewarm water mixed with detergent. It is advisable to add a few drops of perfume as the base ingredients for fragrance. If your upholstery is made from wool, you can use a mix of lukewarm water and lukewarm bathtub water for fragrance.

Third, remove the stain by blotting the stained area. Scrape the stain carefully to remove it. Use a clean cloth and blot the stain for several times. After that, use a clean rag to rinse the area to avoid it from further damage.

Fourth, sprinkle a little water on the surface that is stained. Remove the excess water by blotting the stained area again. Use a clean cloth to blot the surface for few times. Rinse the cloth to prevent it from becoming wet. A clean rag will be needed to dry the area completely.

Fifth, it is a personal choice depending on how sensitive you are to stains. If you have sensitive skin, you can use conditioner on the affected area. If your skin is really sensitive, you may prefer to have a mask applied to the area before doing the upholstery cleaning. A good moisturizer will do the same job and you can apply it before vacuuming.