Carpet Cleaning Prices

Carpet Cleaning Prices

Carpet cleaning prices are varied. Be sure to shop around to compare carpet cleaning prices and evaluate all that is included in the price. Expert Carpet Cleaning companies advise homeowners to clean their carpets annually or even biannually, depending on traffic and degree of soiling, yet most people clean their carpets much less frequently. To make sure the job is done properly, research a reputable carpet cleaning professional in your area who can dry clean or deep clean your carpet with a professional carpet cleaning process regularly.

Cost of Carpet Cleaning

Professional carpet cleaning costs vary depending on the size of the area, the cleaning method, the carpet type, and whether stain removal is required. With most companies, you can expect to pay more for a wool carpet than for berber. On average, homeowners report paying $225 and most spend between $185 and $465.

2 Common Types of Carpet Cleaning Pricing

When you hire a professional carpet cleaning service or solicit quotes from them, you’ll notice they charge based on one of two ways:
1. Per Room Rate
One pricing structure uses a per room rate, which means they’ll clean a carpet– regardless of the square footage– and charge you a flat rate for every room in your home with carpet. They might impose a cap on size depending on the carpet cleaning company, which means if the room exceeds a certain square footage, they treat it as two rooms.
2. Square Footage Rate
Some carpet cleaning services charge you on a square footage basis instead. If your home is smaller– a condo, apartment or one- to two- bedroom home– you’ll pay more for this service because of the additional fees for travel and cleaning material expenses.
Carpet Cleaning Cost Factors
There are various factors that could increase or lessen the total price of your carpet cleaning service. It’s imperative you ask about some of these factors when requesting quotes from carpet cleaning professionals so you don’t see unexpected charges on your bill. Extra charges can boost the price by anywhere from $100 to $200.
Square Footage
Depending on the size of your home, most carpet cleaning services charge based on the square footage of your home. Carpet cleaning estimates based on square footage usually are in the range of .25 cents per square foot.
Cleaning Method
Carpet cleaning either involves chemicals, steam, dry cleaning or some combination of chemicals and steam. After that, your carpet needs about 24 hours to dry completely. Professionals recommend steam cleaning over most other carpet cleaning methods because it keeps your carpet warranty intact. Carpet cleaning professionals use either vehicle-mounted or electric cleaners for the suction.
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