Realtor Program

The CitruSolution Realtor Program

The CitruSolution Carpet Cleaning Process offers Real Estate Professionals a process that cleans better, dries faster, stays cleaner longer, and it smells great. This makes for a perfect solution to many of the problematic situations Real Estate Professionals find themselves facing when renting or selling a property, especially in today’s economic environment.

Our staff will field the calls from you, your office, or your client and respond quickly. We give priority to Real Estate properties whether we are preparing a house for the market or hitting that window of opportunity between occupants. We will make sure your properties show well and that you are satisfied with our performance.

We have a True “Win-Win” proposition to all Real Estate Professionals that would like to network together.

We will promote each and every listing you have us clean on all of the Facebook Fan pages throughout the CitruSolution network.

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Have you ever had a house that was a fabulous listing, but difficult to show because the carpets were a mess? Do the dark lines around the edge of rooms, dents where old furniture used to sit, traffic stains, or pet odors sound familiar? Dirty carpets can be an immediate turn off, and suggest that a home hasn’t been properly maintained to a potential buyer

and we all know in Real Estate,  you never get a second chance to make a first impression!

Why Metro Atlanta Realtors Prefer The CitruSolution Carpet Cleaning Process?

Because we give back!  Providing the best possible cleaning and customer experience is the core of our business, we take every referral very seriously and understand that when we are on your clients site as your referred vendor, that we are representing not only ourselves, but YOU!   It is our desire to help you bring value to your clients and to not only help maintain your professional image, but to ENHANCE IT! We commit to providing our referring realtors and property managers with professional, prompt, and exceptional service while providing additional value, benefits and conveniences for both you and your clients.

We have a True “Win-Win” proposition to all Real Estate Professionals that would like to network together.

We will promote each and every listing you have us clean on All of the Facebook Fan pages throughout the CitruSolution network.

  • No Soapy Residue​​
  • Safe for Pets & Children
  • Fresh Citrus Scent
  • Dries in 1 Hour
  • Minimizes Allergens
  • No Hidden Fees
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Removes Pet Odor & Stains
  • Deep Cleaning & Stain Removal Specialist
  • The CitruSolution Carpet Cleaning Process

Cleans Better, Dries Faster, Stays Cleaner Longer & It Smells GREAT!

Real Estate Agents, Realtors & Property Managers in the Atlanta Area are choosing Citrus Fresh Carpet Cleaning as their Preferred Vendor for Carpet Cleaning. The #1 Choice in Carpet Cleaners for Realtors is CitrusFresh Carpet Cleaning! Kellar William Preferred Vendor for Carpet Cleaning, Real Estate Agent Carpet Cleaner, Realtors are all agreeing! Enjoy the Realtor preferred Vendor Discount by using our Citrus based Solution for your listing Carpet Cleaning Company, Best Carpet Cleaning Company for Houses For Sale, Carpet Cleaning Real Estate Listings, Realtor Discount, Kellar Williams Preferred Vendor, Coldwell Preferred Vendor Carpet Cleaner, Harry Norman Preferred Vendor for carpet cleaning. Remaxx, Carpet Cleaning Atlanta, Preferred Choice in Atlanta Carpet Cleaners for our Citrus based Solution. Realtor, Real Estate Agent & Property Manager Discounts!

How Does it Work?

Its super easy! Realtors and Property Managers can enroll online (below), or by calling our main office at (678) 820-6390. After registering, agents/property managers will be assigned a unique ID # that can be used or shared with clients when scheduling services, which will provide access to some of the valuable program benefits. Current program offerings include:​

– Blanket discount on ALL of our services

– Protector – keep carpets looking fresh and prevent stains and high traffic soiling during your showings​

– Carpet Sanitation  – sanitizes, removes allergens from previous pet owners and neutralizes malodorous areas.​

– Gift Cards – cash value gift cards that can be applied toward any of our services​

– Free Bottle of Spot Cleaner – left onsite and helps to ensure carpets stay spotless for your showings, even after we are gone. Included with each cleaning and includes unlimited refills​

– Educational Resources & Complimentary Presentations

– Personalized Literature & Material – available upon request for your new client packets, website, etc.