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Upholstery Cleaning

At CitruSolution Cleaning for Upholstery we use the same CitruSolution with a little variation in the cleaning process. The upholstery is misted with our citrus based dry cleaning fluid. We then wipe down the entire surface working the product into the fabric. We then use a mini extractor to remove dirt and body oils that are absorbed into the fabric. After that is complete, we mist the fabric again and work the product into the fabric. This leaves a layer of protection to keep the fabric looking and smelling fresh and prevents re-soiling.

We use an anti-microbial product that does not cover up odors, but eliminates the cause. This is very effective at treating odors caused by pet accidents. It is also very effective in treating musky odors from excess moisture. The same goes for our citrus based cleaning fluid. It is safe for pets and children.

Our upholstery cleaning process breathes new life into your furniture leaving them fresher, cleaner and healthier.

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